If External DNS Fails, So Does Your Digital Business

techinnews July 19, 2017
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:04 AM
If external DNS fails, so does your digital business
If External DNS Fails, So Does Your Digital Business

How do you manage your DNS? As the distributed approach to application development becomes more complex, opportunities for a DNS failure to render applications out-of-service is increasing.

Gartner Analyst Bob Gill states, “Without properly functioning external DNS, Internet-based resources may “disappear” without warning. For enterprises with Web and cloud-based applications and content, external DNS solutions offer reliability, performance and traffic management beyond that of traditional open source-based solutions.”

Read this Gartner Research Report and learn more about:
• Why DNS is mission-critical to all organizations that connect to the Internet
• The challenges businesses face maintaining visibility and availability of key resources
• The advantages of an externally sourced, managed, and focused DNS as a
service on cost, resilience, reliability, and performance
• Why advanced features such as Active Failover, load balancing, & API
routing extend the usefulness and business benefits of a managed DNS platform.
• Coupling a Managed DNS solution with a current provider or in-house
solution may provide the competitive advantage you are looking for.

Get the Report here

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