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Top 5 High-Paying IT Jobs with Rapid Salary Growth

The search for profitable job opportunities is a perennial goal for individuals seeking both

Nishita Gupta Nishita Gupta November 5, 2023

WhatsApp Business Introduces Cloud-Hosted API

"The WhatsApp API has been accessible for larger enterprises, but it's been

Moubani Pal Moubani Pal May 19, 2022

Google acquires Cask Data to provide new tools for Google Cloud

Google acquires Cask Data for the improvement of the tools for the

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno May 18, 2018

State of the Network 2017

Today, businesses and organizations of all sizes are being challenged to extend

techinnews techinnews March 21, 2018

MongoDB vs. Couchbase Server: Architectural Differences and Their Impact

From the new generation of NoSQL databases, MongoDB and Couchbase Server have

techinnews techinnews March 16, 2018

Why Discovery Is Critical to Multi-Cloud Success

Although cloud computing represents perhaps the biggest change to IT in recent

techinnews techinnews March 13, 2018

How Over 200 Companies Succeed with BMC Discovery for Multi-Cloud

Today’s businesses face a growing imperative: become more agile or get left

techinnews techinnews March 13, 2018

The Guide to Edge Computing – Why it matters to your customers’ experience and your operations

The opportunities presented by emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT)

techinnews techinnews March 12, 2018

Why Cloud Computing is Requiring Us to Rethink Resiliency at the Edge

Cloud data centres now house many of the critical applications for enterprise

techinnews techinnews March 9, 2018

A Guide to Leveraging Cloud Services for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Don’t let a disaster be a disaster. An efficient and cost-effective technology

techinnews techinnews February 8, 2018

Secure Data Management in the Cloud for Dummies

With cloud storage becoming increasingly affordable and widely available, many enterprises are

techinnews techinnews February 8, 2018

The Guide to Trusted Digital Relationships with Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Identity is a fundamental requirement to digital growth. Businesses and organizations cannot

techinnews techinnews January 25, 2018

Analysis of Cloud Communications VoIP Quality Under Normal and Adverse Network Conditions

Customers expect a high level of voice quality when selecting a cloud-based

techinnews techinnews January 24, 2018

The Elephant in the Room: Why Many Cloud Communications Providers Don’t Like to Talk About Security, Compliance and Reliability

You may have read about requirements imposed on an unprecedented number of

techinnews techinnews January 24, 2018

6 Ways Small Business Can Benefit from Cloud Communications

Small businesses are ditching traditional phone systems and switching to cloud business

techinnews techinnews January 24, 2018

Rethinking Your Contact Center: How to Engage the Modern Customer

Do you know what happens when a customer connects with your contact

techinnews techinnews January 24, 2018

Rethinking Communications to Grow Your Business

Many things about business have changed over the years, but the role

techinnews techinnews January 24, 2018

How to Solve the Enterprise Communications Crisis with an Open Cloud Strategy

There’s a reason 75% of on-premises unified communications and collaboration (UCC) initiatives

techinnews techinnews January 24, 2018

Dynamic Businesses Require Dynamic Communications and Collaboration

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way users access business services. Now it’s

techinnews techinnews January 24, 2018

Contact Center as a Service: A View from the Trenches

When evaluating the strategically significant move from a premises-based to cloud contact

techinnews techinnews January 24, 2018