Steam Games In 2022: The Top Few – Part II

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas December 31, 2022
Updated 2023/01/03 at 3:28 PM

The world of gaming is particularly vast and one might get lost entirely if they don’t know what one is looking for. Steam is an integral part of gaming, especially when one wants to get away from the Xbox & PlayStation. Sometimes streaming games on your PC is more relaxing & they might even have a better selection. The marketplace is extensive and one can find anything & everything to adhere to one’s taste, and here is the 2nd part list of the top few Steams of 2022. 


Half-Life – ALYX

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Eight on the is the long-awaited 2nd part of valve’s classic series, falling in the adventure genre released on March 2020. Fan favourite protagonist Dr Gordon Freeman navigates the alien-infested Earth in quest of adventure. Special mention to the fact that this game is fully VR. Valve is known for its experimental side – and this time they have incorporated VR. This game with a first-person shooter has incredible graphics all of which get elevated with the use of VR goggles. 



The best Rimworld mods | PCGamesN

Ninth in line belongs to the simulation genre, released in October of 2018. Replace is perfect for all the space fanatics as it puts the weight of running space on the player. This game has been set in space, far away from other planets and beings. The player is enlisted with the job of outpost leader, gathering resources so the RimWorld can expand. They are also responsible for taking care of the settlers and their safety. This particular game is pretty popular with players of Simcity. 


Stardew Valley

SuperData: Stardew Valley is an indie success with over 3.5 million copies sold | VentureBeat

Tenth in line is a calmer game, especially if someone has been fighting gods, or demons or wandering in space. In the adventure genre, this is a very calming game in the history of games, released in February 2016. Stardew Valley enables players to farm their land, and it’s a big turn of events after a high-action debacle game. This game surely draws a lot of inspiration from Harvest Moon, which is also focused on farming, and tending to plants. The motive of Stardrew is to put its players at ease after each task – farming, fishing, cooking, harvesting, etc which is something that’s not in abundance nowadays. 


The Witcher III – Wild Hunt

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The eleventh online is the culmination of Winter Franchice’s ambition, named The Witcher III – Wild Hunt, in the genre of Adventure, released in May 2015. The epic story of Geralt of Rivia is depicted in an extravagant way for the players. This game has introduced a variety of new titbits – ranging from a semi-open world environment to expanded combat gameplay. This arguably makes Wild Hunt the best game from Polish Studio. The contact in this part is more fluid and the visuals keep the player addicted to the screen for hours. It’s the ultimate game for one looking for something in the fantasy genre. 



Terraria (Video Game 2011) - IMDb

This game in the adventure genre, twelfth in line is this roguelike game, released on May 2011. Terraria is an action-adventure game, where the player can fly & explore their new environment. This game is known for its chance encounters with different entities, appearing depending on the circumstance. The player defeats enemies & collects rewards and items, like access to another part of the grounds. The players can also win various services like – healing, selling items and so much more. This game is surely a hit for players more inclined towards retro tiles. 




This game named after the Greek God of the Dead & the King of the Underworld ranks thirteenth and falls under the Indie genre, released in September 2020. Hades is evidence that Indie studios are capable of creating AAA-level games. This game follows the story of Zagreus, son of Hades, where Zagreus is on a quest throughout different parts of the underworld. Another reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it emphasises story & lore which the players get to discover through conversations, along with hand-drawn sprites of Greek deities who aid Zagreus to pull the Lord of the Underworld from lethargy. 



IDCGames - Factorio - PC Games

Fourteenth on the list out of other much-loved games is the game that draws similarities to RimWorld, in the Indie genre released in February 2016. Akin to RimWorld, Factorio tests a player’s space-managing skills to run and organize a fully functional factory. This game is based on the base motive of survival. They start from ground zero, building factories from whatever materials they can find around them. They eventually upgrade their skills & aided with better pieces of equipment. The combat mode includes defending oneself against monsters. Factorio enables singular or multiplayer. 



There are about a hundred more amazing video games out there, be it on Steam or the PS5. The world of gaming is uniquely diverse to accommodate every niche of taste and style, from raging bloodbaths to peaceful tile placement games, from the serene environment to soak in the glory after an adrenaline rush. These were a few of the most loved Steams for the year 2022. Which one was your favourite? Check out Part I for previously discussed games.


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