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Google Halts Gemini AI’s People Image Generation Feature Due to Accuracy Concerns

The firm is having problems with one of its main features, which

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey February 23, 2024

AI’s Unsettling Evolution: Mimicking Human Memory Sparks Concerns

As artificial intelligence (AI) develops, efficiency and speed are no longer the

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey January 24, 2024

OpenAI Delays Launch of Custom GPT Store to Early 2024

The creator of ChatGPT, OpenAI, has pushed back the launch of their

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey January 12, 2024

Exploring the Latest AI Tools: Unveiling the Top 5 Innovations of the Last 30 Days

  Introduction: Artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly changing how organizations work in

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey August 23, 2023

Metaverse – The Key To Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Metaverse, VR, and AR are all terms that we have been hearing

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas July 1, 2022

Samsung plans to add AI in all its products by 2020

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Samsung Consumer Electronics

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz May 24, 2018

Android to integrate AI to help manage device’s battery life

At Google’s I/O keynote today they have announced that Android is teaming

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz May 9, 2018

China hospitals to use AI to address doctor shortage

China is turning to AI to fix its lack of doctors in

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz March 23, 2018