Tax transformation: Building the case for technology

techinnews September 20, 2017
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:02 AM
tax transformation
tax transformation

The term tax transformation is more frequently being thrown around in the world of business, but what does this latest ‘buzz’ term actually
mean, how can you evaluate your current model and what practical steps can tax departments take to truly transform the tax function with technology?

The latest comprehensive paper from Grant Thornton and Thomson Reuters, explores Tax Transformation: Building the Case for Technology, covering the following topics:

– Challenges of the Indirect Tax Environment
– Use of Technology by the ATO
– Evaluating Indirect Tax Functional Models
– 7 Reasons to Transform with Tax Technology
– Tax Technology Maturity
– Indirect Tax Compliance vs. Determination
– Tax Technology Assessment
– Stages of Transformation
– Tax Technology Lifecycle
– Building a Business Case for Tax Technology
– Business Design Requirements for Technology and Indirect Taxes


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