The premium subscription plan of JioCinema just got better and cheaper

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar April 26, 2024
Updated 2024/04/26 at 2:34 PM

JioCinema upgrades its premium subscription plan. The plan will now be available for just 29 INR per month and will offer ad-free 4K content.

JioCinema’s premium subscription plan gets an upgrade

JioCinema finally revealed what they teased a day ago. In a special offer, JioCinema slashes the price of its premium subscription plan to just 29 INR per month for a single device and 89 INR per month for the family plan where up to four phones can access the streaming platform. The plan was originally priced at 59 INR per month for a single device and 149 INR per month for the family plan. However, the company hasn’t stated clearly regarding how long these special prices will be valid for the premium subscription plans.

The new plan offers ad-free streaming

Previously, the JioCinema Premium plan did not offer ad-free streaming. However, with the new plans the company is offering an ad-free streaming experience. Not only are the prices cut down to a great extent thus making the plan a lot cheaper and affordable but also helps the users experience interruption – free streaming.

Users with the new premium plans will be able to stream content in up to 4K resolution (Live sports will be an exception). Various kinds of content from HBO, Peacock and Paramount will be included under this plan.

How can you subscribe to the new premium plans?

You can now subscribe to these plans from the JioCinema app or the web. Jio cinema can be accessed on various devices and media including smartphones, smart TVs and web browsers. As of now, there is no annual subscription plan on offer. With the price being reduced to a great extent, JioCinema becomes one of the most affordable OTP platforms that offers ad-free streaming experience in India.


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