Top 5 soft skills you need to be hired in tech.

You may think you're not carved out for IT because you don't have the technical skills, but as it turns out, you might already have the secret recipe to becoming a Tech hero. 

Nishita Gupta
Nishita Gupta April 4, 2023
Updated 2023/06/02 at 7:26 AM

You may think you’re not carved out for IT because you don’t have the technical skills, but as it turns out, you might already have the secret recipe to becoming a Tech hero. 

The technical skills you need can all be learned, but without the fitting soft skills, you will not be able to rise to the top in tech.

Soft skills are qualities that are intrinsic to you. They more often than not can’t be taught or are fairly tricky to teach. They’re fundamental to interpersonal success, and usually to success at work.

But first, the hard skills…, 

These “hard” skills are common in the IT industry. You may want to understand what knowledge and skills you have already and what dimensions you could master through training, certifications, or practical experiences.

  • Technical writing
  • Coding
  • Network configuration
  • Hardware deployment
  • Operating system knowledge
  • Database management

While proficiency in the above skills varies from job to job, the following soft skills are highly valued in almost all areas, tech or non-tech.

  • Communication and collaborative skills-  

Tech is a team j0b and communication is a life skill one must master irrespective of their job. Being in the tech field you will need to communicate with supervisors colleagues, customers, etc. This communication could be both written and verbal, thus one needs to be fluent, not only with his/her words but also with listening skills, and be able to give digestible feedback.


  • Time Management – 

While working in a team, if even one person misses a deadline, the whole project could go sideways rather quickly. 

Time management is also extremely important as tech doesn’t work with one person or one team, it has a lot of people moving and a lot of elements working in the background, thus one person’s inability to manage time could make things difficult for a lot of stakeholders.


  • Networking – 

One of the many benefits of having a strong network is that it is an excellent resource for overcoming challenges and solving problems. 

It also is a source of great inspiration and learning as great ideas are an outcome of free-flowing, energetic conversations.

  • Critical Thinking –

The most in-demand skill at the moment is the ability to think on your feet. Making informed decisions in all situations is a must.

Along with this, critical thinkers are usually flexible, their mindset is not fixed and they are always willing to learn and grow.

  • Being Proactive – 

Technology is one of the fastest-growing and most rapidly changing industries ever. Changes in this industry seem to happen overnight, and thus arises the need to be on your toes, always.


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