Using Chat GPT as a Data Scientist Tool

The upsides & downsides of using chat GPT ft- data science.

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas February 27, 2023
Updated 2023/02/27 at 5:57 PM

With the rise of Chat GPT, it appears to be infiltrating every field and aspect of our lives. As annoying or overwhelming as it might feel, technology can also make our lives a whole lot easier. This is one tool that has been trained on a vast amount of text data: Chatgpt. Data science can use chatGPT to do a variety of activities that call for the processing of words and code. Text classification, text generation, and language classification are just a few NLP tasks that ChatGPT can be used for. In fact, it can aid data scientists with tasks beyond text processing, such as enhancing customer service, producing original content, and collaborating with artificial intelligence research.

Text Generation 

ChatGPT can generate new and meaningful sentences that are in sync with the incoming data if it is fine-tuned on a given data set. It can be used to create summaries, descriptions, or articles.

Translation Of Languages 

A fine tunes chat GPT can change the face of healthcare, travel education and even customer services as they could use this AI to fluently translate one language to another. 

Summarizing Texts

Writing summaries can significantly help data scientists in understanding textual communication. ChatGPT can assist in determining the gist of communication, whether it is generated by consumers or an unending scroll of social media posts.

Sentiment Analysis

Quite often, data scientists are required to obtain exact insights from written communications. Chat GPT can be of great help in a better understanding of the pulse of the individual/community. 

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Pre – Processing of Data

Cleaning up large amounts of data can be tedious and a waste of time and human resources. Chat GPT can do the same work in 1/100th time, sparing data scientists a lot of time, effort and manpower. 

Classification of texts

Another massive issue that data science initiatives must cope with is categorising text data. Besides classifying text data, chatGPT can detect spam and classify topics while performing classification, aiding data scientists in understanding and making sense of their data.

Text to Speach

The flexibility of ChatGPT to create speech from the text might be useful in activities like building voice assistants, chatbots, and virtual assistants. This will enable data scientists to faster explain their findings more effectively or to incorporate the technology into their products.

Detection Of Anomaly

Identification of anomalies in data can terrify humans, but it is a piece of cake for chatGPT. Artificial Intelligence-aided chat GPT can be extremely useful in activities such as fraud detection, detecting inaccuracies in financial reporting, and even detecting malevolent intent in social media posts.

Automatic Report Generation

It however wouldn’t be wrong of data scientists to take writing reports for granted. This is because chat GPT can carry out data analysis and process languages pretty easily. Generation of reports should be a cakewalk for them! 


Not to worry for neither Chat GPT nor any other AI-aided programming language, no matter how human, take away from the essence of work done by humans.. No matter how intelligent, they can never fully add emotions, witty remarks and the knowledge a human brain bears. AI might and very well will take away the menial, time-consuming work that we are rendered to, but it can’t take away jobs such as report generation, no matter how “qualified”. 


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