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Meta to launch Llama-3 LLM

Within the following month, Meta said, it will release its Llama 3

Shruti Govil Shruti Govil April 10, 2024


Acquiring enough data to train their artificial intelligence (AI) models has become

Shruti Govil Shruti Govil April 8, 2024

5 insane GPT4 prompts, by ChatGPT itself you should know about

We asked Chat GPT to tell us its most interesting prompts, here

Nishita Gupta Nishita Gupta January 3, 2024

Tips for Parents on Teens Using ChatGPT for School

Navigating the Virtual Classroom: Tips for Parents on Teens Using ChatGPT for

Nishita Gupta Nishita Gupta November 16, 2023

OpenAI releases third version of AI image creator DALL-E: What has changed

After launching generative AI models that create images based on text inputs

Nishita Gupta Nishita Gupta September 21, 2023

Israel quietly embeds AI systems in deadly military operations

Though the military won’t comment on specific operations, officials say that it

Nishita Gupta Nishita Gupta July 14, 2023

This Is The Complete Itinerary Of A Woman’s Budget 2-Week Trip To Europe With Chat GPT

An inexpensive two-week trip to Europe was planned using ChatGPT by digital

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas June 18, 2023

Student Essays Written By Themselves When Run Through Chat GPT By Professor Falsely Claims Of Content Written By AI

To summarise this bizarre situation - The professor scanned the writings his

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas May 18, 2023

Differentiating Between An Article Written By Chat GPT And One Written by A Human

We have entered a world where we have lost the ability to

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas March 28, 2023

How to implement Chat GPT in WhatsApp?

Chat GPT is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI that has

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas March 27, 2023

New version of GPT from OpenAI? All the details you need to know.

OpenAI, one of the leading artificial intelligence research labs in the world,

Ridha Fathima Ridha Fathima March 17, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Open AI

OpenAI is a research organization dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence (AI) in

Nishita Gupta Nishita Gupta March 12, 2023

Using Google Bard AI: Benefits, Features, and How To

With the craze of Chat GPT and AI allegedly taking over every

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas March 8, 2023

Amazefit Announces Chat GPT AI Smartwatch Face

Chat GPT is running the technology world in a lot of cases,

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas March 5, 2023

Don’t Consider Using Chat GPT For Your Cover Letter If You Want To Get Hired

With Chat GPT taking over almost every other industry and seemingly mundane

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas March 4, 2023

Using Chat GPT as a Data Scientist Tool

With the rise of Chat GPT, it appears to be infiltrating every

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas February 27, 2023

Chat GPT can Automatically reply to your WhatsApp messages: how to set it up?

Combining ChatGPT with a WhatsApp account, text messages can indeed be automatically

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas February 25, 2023