WhatsApp Business Introduces Cloud-Hosted API

Moubani Pal
Moubani Pal May 19, 2022
Updated 2022/05/23 at 6:36 PM


“The WhatsApp API has been accessible for larger enterprises, but it’s been a difficult product to get started with.” You’ll need to hire someone to install, host, and maintain the program for you. And getting started requires a lot of effort and complexity. “You can get started in just a few minutes using the cloud-hosted version of the WhatsApp API,” Matt Idema, VP of Business Messaging, Meta, told indianexpress.com on a call from California.

“Whether you are an individual developer, working on an entrepreneurial initiative of your own, or a smaller firm,” Idema added, the new platform will be something to graduate to. He claims that the new API would allow “partners to focus on creating the tools and services that they want to give to clients on top of WhatsApp,” while WhatsApp will take care of the API’s installation, maintenance, and hosting.WhatsApp“It is really similar to how you have a URL for your web page or a name for your app,” Idema said of the unique URL option being handed out to corporate users. Small companies would also benefit from multi-device functionality, which will allow numerous phones to administer the same WhatsApp number, according to him. He said that this is a service that many small businesses have requested for a long time.

The developers feel that this is a natural progression and that consumers want commerce to be a part of their chat experience. India, one of its largest markets with over 400 million users, provided a wealth of knowledge. “Small business owners were already using WhatsApp, putting numbers up on their storefronts, and encouraging clients to just message when they needed food,” he said, adding that they hadn’t established the tools that made this interaction easier for companies.

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