Apple’s iPhone 8 is having problems

AJ Recella
AJ Recella October 3, 2017
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:00 AM
iPhone 8 problem
iPhone 8 problem

With the recent fiasco about the new Apple earpiece, iPhone 8 owners are complaining about the crackling and static sound that are disrupting audio calls, and even FaceTime video calls.

Recent reports also show iPhone 8 bursting open in Taiwan and Japan. Although there’s no report of it blowing up, customers are afraid it is possible to happen.

The photos below show the iPhone of a Tawainese customer’s rose gold handset, which has split along the top and sides.

iphone 8 problems

Ms. Wu, the owner of the $800 iPhone 8, admitted that she is an avid fan of Apple products and was shocked about what happened. She said the device is only 3 days old when she charged it at 70% with its original cable and adapter when it suddenly cracked open after plugging it in for 3 minutes.

Apple did not comment further regarding the issue but said on a statement, “We are aware and are looking into it”

In Japan, another customer posted photos of his newly delivered partially detached screen iphone.

On the other hand, days after the release iOS 11, a lot of users have shared their disapproval due to malfunction of the Operating System including apps crashing, Bluetooth and Wi-fi connection instability, lock screen freeze and battery consumption.

In a statement released by Apple regarding this issue, “We are aware of the issue which is affecting customers in a small number of cases, Our team is at work on a fix, which will be included in an upcoming software release.” an Apple spokesperson said.

2017 is supposed to be the year of Apple with the new release of its devices and new generation of OS, but it seems like the odds are not in their favor. They may took off to a rough start, but the year has not ended yet, and we are fingers-crossed that they are “looking into it” further.

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