SAS in the Open Ecosystem

techinnews November 29, 2017
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:01 AM
SAS in the Open Ecosystem
SAS in the Open Ecosystem

The use of analytics has become a key competitive advantage for many companies around the world. With this growth in adoption, however, comes a new problem: what happens when an organisation’s different departments use different packages for analytics and data management?

Some departments might be using open source, while others are using hosted enterprise applications. How can the organisation’s IT department ensure that these analytics projects are using the right data and models? How can they ensure a rigorous process that guarantees compliance and profitable results?

More importantly: whose responsibility is it to align these disparate code bases with the business scenarios, and monitor the outcomes?

If you’re a business or IT leader, this white paper is relevant to you. You will discover key insights, including:

● How to manage the entire analytics process, from development through to deployment;
● How to provide shareable access to analytics assets across divisions, regardless of the code and tools are in the mix; and
● How to enable data professionals to create, experiment, test and rapidly deploy different methods easily.

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