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Google Play Store Introduces Simultaneous App Downloads Feature

The Google Play Store has introduced a new feature that allows Android

Mahek Baid Mahek Baid April 30, 2024

5 Subreddits that Can Be Your Online Teachers: Learn Anything for Free!

Reddit is a vast online community that offers more than just memes

Mahek Baid Mahek Baid January 27, 2024

6 Best AI Apps that Make Use of Open AI’s DALL-E Model

The 6 best AI Apps that make use of Open AI’s DALL-E

Nishita Gupta Nishita Gupta November 5, 2023

Top 10 Apps That Drain Your Android’s Battery

Is your phone dying way too soon? Maybe it’s the apps on

Rithika Biswas Rithika Biswas November 3, 2022

Best cybersecurity apps for Android users

Do you desire enhanced cyber security protection? Numerous apps are available for

Khushi Bali Khushi Bali July 31, 2022

Amazon updated its all-new Fire HD 8 tablet with Alexa

Amazon upgraded its new Fire HD 8 tablet which is said to

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno September 7, 2018

YouTube is bringing their picture-in-picture feature to Android

YouTube’s picture-in-picture viewing option will soon be available to Android users. The

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 28, 2018

Amazon’s Alexa app on iOS will now support voice control

Months after bringing voice control to its Android app last January, Amazon

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 27, 2018

Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited app is now available on iOS

Amazon is now launching their FreeTime Unlimited app for the iOS after

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 25, 2018

Uber testing cheaper fares for passengers willing to wait longer

Uber is experimenting with a new feature that charges riders lower fares

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 20, 2018

Uber booking is no longer available on Google Maps for Android

The ability to book an Uber from inside the Google Maps app

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 19, 2018

Instagram adds shopping options to Stories

Instagram has announced it will be offering their shopping features to their

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 13, 2018

Gmail adds customizable swipe feature

A minor but very useful update is now coming to Gmail. A

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 11, 2018

Airbnb users can now list their properties as ‘emergency housing’ for future disasters

Airbnb is expanding its Open Homes program to allow hosts to register

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 11, 2018

Third-party app lets you use Alexa on your Apple Watch

For those who are bit tired of Siri and want to try

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 8, 2018

WWDC 2018: Apple CarPlay will now support third-party navigation apps

Kicking off WWDC 2018 is Apple’s announcement that its infotainment system CarPlay

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 5, 2018

Google releases shortcut app for Google Lens

Google has just launched a standalone app for Google Lens, their AR

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 5, 2018

Facebook no longer rolling out custom reactions

A report from The Verge claims that Facebook will no longer be

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 3, 2018

Microsoft is pulling the plug on its Groove Music app for iOS and Android

Microsoft is killing off its Groove Music app for both Android and

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz May 31, 2018

Pandora launches new monthly family plan

Pandora has just announced its new subscription plan for up to six

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz May 28, 2018