MIT Sloan Management Review – Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation

techinnews November 29, 2017
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:01 AM
MIT Sloan Management Review
MIT Sloan Management Review

The importance of data and analytics in today’s competitive business environment is unquestioned. In fact, the growing adoption of data and analytics is producing a surge of commercial benefits across industries.

MIT Sloan Management Review recently completed their seventh annual Data & Analytics survey, interviewing 2,602 managers, executives, and data professionals from companies around the globe.

The survey reveals a sharp rise in the number of companies reporting that their use of analytics helps them beat the competition.

If you’re a senior business or IT leader, this white paper is relevant to you. You will discover key insights, including:

● Why companies are increasing their use of data and analytical insights for strategic purposes;
● How companies are using data and analytics to innovate business functions as well as entire business models; and
● How data governance capabilities – especially around data sharing and data security – form the foundation for innovation.

Read this report and you will gain insights that lead to better decision-making, improved workflows, and a greater customer experience.

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